Taiwan Round Island

Day 1

Forty of us rode 92k from Taipei to Hsinchu. Definitely putting on weight since ride was slow with too many stops to replenish and refill! After a fishy lunch we were wet and cold from the rain 😬. Thot it will be an early night but found out my shoe gave way!!

Day 2

Did I complete the 111km ride to Lukang with my one sided 3M glued shoe problem? Every traffic lights stop I wud check … yeah! ‘glued’ to go but fearful thots of the other shoe breaking apart! Made it to hotel but no luck at the bike shop for my size! 😬 The trip to Giant headquarter was a waste of time, a factory visit would be more educational. Lukang is facinating! Love the historical town full of temple, variety of antique house doors and lots of food u cannot resist! Lucky to see a Meju Goddess street procession to celebrate her birthday for two weeks too! Today we ride 83km to Chiayi 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️. The ‘cycling shoe’ tale continue…

Day 3+1 (4)

Chiayi to Kaohsiung – 121km
Over here (4) sounds like die in Chinese! Yesterday with the bad weather start – rain and gloomy sky… it was a sure death sign for my right shoe! With another 33km to go, taped it up and good to go 😀 Mountain bike shoes are not popular in Taiwan so no choice but to buy more glue so the show can continue today! Kaohsiung to Pingtung -100k

Day 5

Kaohsiung to Pingtung -103km
Yesterday hot weather and riding along southern coast line! Shoes are still glued to ride another day and George Wong feels more muscular after 5 days of riding w/o day off! Today 98km to Taitung w one tough climb n 20% chance of rain! Like Singapore weather forecast not accurate!

Day 6

Pingtung to Taitung 106.7km
Guess we didn’t feel the earthquake while riding on our bikes over one big climb followed by 4 nice one along the coastal flyover next to the sea! View was fabulous n weather was great! Today gg to earthquake Hualien – thot that’s pretty exciting!

Day 7

Taitung to Hualien – 107 km of rolling hills. Yesterday weather forecast was 80% rain! It was a wet start but turned out to be a cool day and only light rain – last 6km to the chalet where each room have its own private hot spring tub! With the fine weather it was a packed lunch picnic by the park for a change. It was unfortunate that one of the HK rider fell as he touched wheel going down hill – nothing broken but a swollen twisted wrist and now on a sling 😞 Today Hualien to Yilan w a train ride 🚆

Day 8

Yesterday Hualien to Yilan – 82km easy day thru beautiful country road and about 2 hr train ride before we continue 9k ride to hotel. Highlight was we found the best family owned beef noodle and best dessert yam, red beans in ice milk snow in Yilan! Something to ride for! Today final ride from Yilan to Taipei – heard it will be more difficult 😬

Day 9 – finally done! 

Yilan to Taipei – 83km. The highlight of the whole trip was cycling thru the 5km old railway tunnel which was restored into a wonderful cool cycling path! Followed by a narrow tough climb that takes us to 2km highway tunnel – pretty stressful as it was high traffic, wet and dark. Then down hill to Shifen historical town for lunch where we write our wishes on hot air paper lantern to float up to the sky! Glad it is done and don’t want to be on the bike for a while!

9 days Taiwan round island

Quite an experience knowing the people, Taiwanese food, overdose of exotic temples, riding comfortably and at times so slow when we get to the cities that my hands are sore from braking 😬 A very organized tour w two support vans with mechanic, spare bikes and four support riders to control pace, traffic junctions, at turns so no one get lost and one sweeper. Generous replenish of fruits, biscuits, isotonic packets, sweets, sunblock and muscles spray, raincoats to cater your needs 😊 The lead car is always taking video and photos to capture memories and even have a ladder to take group photos! Everyday the leader will do a briefing while stretching. Amazing everyone is on time too! At each city we were taken to the local famous delicacy or bought for us when we have our refill n regroup stops. Thanks🌷to George Wong again for saving my cycling shoes so I could finish this trip! And for wearing the JoyRiders jersey – u deserve 10 points for each day – 90 points for next year lucky draw! Claudine Chan pls take note 😊 At the end of the ride everyone was rewarded w a quality medal, certificate w your photo and map to show your achievement. Overall a good easy trip!