Hari Raya Gathering


We had 43 people for our first HARI RAYA gathering STARRING Lady G Gina and Mohd Nurfiegri on FIRE in their awesome Malay costume which help gives the Hari Raya feeling!

We did a special opening prayer for Gina’s mother who is in hospital and hope situation will improve.  With that we acknowledged all the Ride Leaders who were there and it is so wonderful to see all of them improving by helping others!

Gina was a newbie when she joined us Dec 2011 and we are so proud of her achievement! She created the 520 Stress Free train under her wings!  Tim & Charlotte is another couple that is doing very well and helping newbies on Sat with Gina and lead the Sunday 620 Newbie train.  Nurfiegri on Fire has lost weight and also riding faster!

Black Lamb Marcus has improved his speed so much with 520 train that he is now moving up and ‘promoted’ to ride with Sat 6am 2nd train!  Well done, Marcus!  Gina will need new blood for the 520 train… we need all the help we can get!


We also like to thank 6am 2nd train leaders – Streetfox Rudi, Tarzan Torsten, Frenchy Snail Jerome and all those who are not @ gathering for keeping all the JoyRiders train in order.

We also took the opportunity to welcome a few newbies @ gathering:

1.     Matthew Foo

2.     Jazz Koh

3.     Maslina

4.     Teo Chee Kiat

5.     Tattoo Uwe

6.     Li-Chung

7.     Ryan Nathan

8.     Matthew Lee

9.     JiHong

Food report….

Lady G Gina’s aunty’s homemade Nangka layer cake was the BEST kueh lapis I have eaten in my life!  It takes a lot of will power to stop eating those Hari Raya cookies too!  Always love homemade cookies! Jazz Koh’s mother’s curry was another highlight that we all soaked it up with the French bread!

shapeimage_3 shapeimage_4

Charlotte Statham spoiled us crazy with 3 different types of cheese desserts (think I got to try only two) it was gone too soon!  So never under estimate cyclists even when they are full!   The desserts were so beautifully done that we had to use them for our August birthday babies!

The lucky birthday babies that came for the gathering – Sweeper Daniel, Tiger Nicholas and Yen.


You won a bottle of wine for making so much effort with your cheese – remind me to pass it to you on our next gathering!  (Err, that means u have to bring more cheese desserts next time?)

Thank you to all the rest who generously share their food to make the gathering more ‘deliciously’ full of calories!

Mega Trouble Tay – Roti Prata

Black Lamb Marcus Pang – Fried chicken wings

Matthew Foo – Chwee Kuay

Frenchy Snail Jerome – Cheese platter

Gual onf wheels Phil – his watermelon came without him.

Streetfox Rudi – marinated chicken wings

Sweeper Daniel Yong – Polar Puffs

Maslina – Mee Siam

Tiger Nicholas – pizza

Tarzan Torsten – sushi platter

Teo Chee Kiat – roast duck

Tattoo Uwe – pasta

Sow Fong- Polar Swiss rolls

Ryan Nathan – pineapple tarts

Rama – Rice and peas dish

Matthew Lee – Vietnamese Roll

Kelly – crackers with salmon mousse

Nurfiegri on Fire – Chocolate cake

And thank you to the rest of you who brought drinks!


Enjoy the photos - https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/118130983851172694982/albums/5913574661427668577


Snail Queen more fat now!