TTSH Charity Ride 2013


Well, yesterday I completed the 2013 TTSH Charity Ride in comfortable timing.

Last year I joined the event without ever having done any hills in any of my weekend cycling and didn’t even know what KOM meant. However, I did persevere to finish absolute last in 9 hours, pulling the sweeper car, van, bus & truck behind with the Niwana GM riding alongside nudging.

This time round, in spite of the suffocating heat, the Garmin recorded a 30% improvement in average speed and that I’m not nursing any soreness or muscle ache the day after is a further testament to an improved fitness as well.

It was in the 2012 event that I first met Joyce and decided to join Joyriders the following week. In a way this ride marks my 1-year anniversary with Joyriders.


I owe my improvement to many in my newbie rides who coaxed and coached me with pointers about shifting gears, wearing cleats, maintaining cadence, compact crank set, pulling & sweeping me along, and of course on the occasions when Joyce rode with us, nagging when I got too comfy using loose gears. While I’m mostly last in many rides, I still think riding in a group and taking part in the many rides organized by Joyriders improved my overall riding discipline and endurance.

Today I’m 5 kg lighter, one size smaller and generally free from the aches and pains that accompany aging.

Hopefully by TTSH 2014, I would have achieved my ideal weight of 68kg, fitting size 34 and finishing the ride in good timing.

From Permanent Newbie (previously Bintan George)


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