Please adhere to the following policy.

  1. STOP at red lights whether you are on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd –as long as you’re with a JR train.
  2. Don’t follow blindly. Just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t mean you should, too. Safety first!
  3. Respect ride captains–respect their calls to slow, stop etc. Don’t make calls to stop, roll, etc unless you are leading the train. Sometimes there are things only the 2 leaders at the front can see.┬áIt’s also our job to tell-off ride captains who break traffic rules.
  4. Tell non-JR’s to stay at behind or overtake JR trains. And if they want to stay with our train, it’s everybody’s responsibility to brief them about the rules that we follow.
  5. People who are leading a train: Stop/position the peloton behind cars when stopped in an intersection. Ride side-by-side each other and if the other ride leader is a bit slower it’s the job of the stronger rider to match the pace of the slower guy in order to keep the train intact–in 2×2 formation.
  6. Follow the agreed rolling speed of the train you are in. If it’s too fast, wait for the next train. If you think it’s too slow and you’re not getting any workout, then go up front and help out so you can put your extra energy to good use but be responsible with your power. exceeding the agreed upon speed will wreak havoc to the train you are leading.
  7. Be responsible/sensible adults

Credit: Glen Alburo

Below are some of the videos on safe riding from the Youtube channel MoveHappySG