Won the battle against your body and made it to Longhouse at an unearthly hour?
Then make your effort count, and get one point for each Weekday 5am and the 4:40am Secret Society Ride on Saturdays. Joyriders jersey is required to qualify for your point. Every 50 points earns you 1 chance in our year-end lucky draw.

Ask the password to the ride leader and enter it at the link below.

Register your Attendance

Race Points

Take part in any event in your Joyriders jersey and get 10 points! Podium winners get points too. Please ensure you register the race with the Joyriders name, and are wearing the JoyRider jersey or JoyRider T-shirt for the award ceremony.
– participation to an event – 10 points
– 1st – 100 points
– 2nd – 80 points
– 3rd – 50 points
Submit a photo (with your jersey/t-shirt on) from the event to Melvin Lee to claim your points. No photo, no count! Jersey points will be added to attendance points tally for the year-end lucky draw.
Check your events points here!

Who rode today? | This year’s total points | 2018 points