We are always happy to welcome new members, experienced and newbies alike. For us, it’s about building a community and riding together. Leave no-one behind. 😉
To officially be a JoyRider, there will be a one time membership S$130 which comes with a JoyRiders jersey and a JoyRiders black T-shirt.
If u like a different quality, just top up the difference.

Members are required to wear JoyRiders jersey for safety, bonding and identification reasons for weekends and public holiday rides.

After that, you will be sent the following Links to complete your membership: Yahoo Forums, Facebook, JoyRiders APP and Database for emergency contact.

If you plan on joining us, please share your cycling experience/background
– how long have u been riding?
– When and what was your longest distance U rode?
– How fit are you, any other sports?

To get started, email Joyce or use the Contact Us page for membership enquiries (p.s: we will revert to you in a couple of days).