Here are some basic questions you may have and here are their answers!

Q: Where is our starting point for rides?
A: Along Upper Thomson Road before Thomson Plaza. It used to be an eating place called Longhouse but its currently OCBC bank, directly opposite Thomson Community Centre.
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Q: I’m a newbie. Can I join?
A: Of course you can! While it is generally recommended that one knows how to draft, we’ve ridden with new riders and more are joining us all the time. We have a dedicated Saturday rides catered for newbies and our Guardian Angels will lead and tail the group to help new riders along. The weekday rides are catered to specific cycling objectives for the group, and they might be too fast for a new rider.

Q: How do I join JoyRiders?
3 simple steps to join JoyRiders :
(1) Get your jersey first ($90 or more depending on design)
(2) You will then submit your particulars; and
(3) Log on into our forum.
To get started, email Joyce or membership enquiries (p.s: we will revert to you in a couple of days).
Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us page too!

Q: Can I ride with aerobars in the pack?
A: Sure you can, but NOT when you’re in the middle of the pack where you may require quick access to the brakes. If you’re in the front or right at the back where you’re not drafting anyone, feel free to use them. Our rides are meant to be draft-legal and it’ll be easier if people took turns at the front to do their turns of pulls.

Q: What must I have to ride with the group?
A: Helmet & lights are compulsory. This is because we believe a helmet can help prevent certain common injuries during accidents that may be inevitable. It may not help if a truck rolls over you, but if you do crash at 40kmh, and your head is rolling across the tarmac, the helmet may just be that difference between making a comeback and doing a PhD (permanent head damage).
You should have rear and front lights if you are riding with the group in the early wee hours of the morning. A red light at the back alerts cars approaching you from behind, while a white light in front lets cars coming from sides or from head-on to know you’re there too, else they may just make a turn without knowing you’re there. Reflectors are not effective and does not replace lights.

Q: Are there traffic rules governing bikes in Singapore?
A: 1 Front & rear lights are MANDATORY in the dark
2 Helmets are MANDATORY
3 We are allowed to ride 2 abreast (but no more)
4 We are allowed on the road (We have checked!), but must keep to the left and out of the way of faster traffic
5 We cannot use the road if there is a dedicated cycle path along the same route.

Q: What if I puncture or have mechanical problems?
A: We will generally wait for everyone, if necessary until you manage to get a cab. During weekdays, some of those rushing for work may leave first but there will normally be someone with you.

Q: How fierce is the group? Do we bite?!
A: No, not even on Sprint Tuesdays. You’ll find that this is a real friendly group. Which is probably the reason why a number of newer riders have been joining us.

Q: What happens on Tuesdays?
A: There may be a group surging to try to break away from the pack. If this is not your cuppa, just stay with the pack at the back which will be going slower. Due to the needs for some riders to stay sharp for races, this is a necessity for them but it may not be what you need.
During the beginning of the year and sometimes midyears, there may be turtle rides (as opposed to the surging Ninja rides) that focus on base training. These are steady paced rides even on the fast days.

Q: Who are the ride leaders?
A: The Snail Queen Joyce is generally acknowledged as the patron of the group. She’s always there to take care of the newer and the slower riders. Sunday Breakfast and Newbie rides are taken led by our experienced ride leaders who will do their utmost to take care of everyone.

Q: What if I am a team member of another cycling club?
A: That’s the good thing about Joyriders. We’re just a group of people who share a passion about riding early in the morning where traffic is nominal, and in time to get you back for work. All we ask is for you to ride SAFELY with us!

Q: What are the privileges if I join Joyriders?
A: You get a funny nick name, like Snail Queen Joyce. Plus, you get to enjoy our company for your rides. Which is a lot of fun; just ask anyone in the group. Oh, and you get to wear our cool jerseys!

Q: Why are you called Joyriders?
Because we’re a happy group? It’s also a play on our Snail Queen’s name (who named the group).

Q: Why are you also called the LH5AM group?
A: That’s because we start almost every weekday morning from Longhouse* at 5am in the morning. Except Monday. Everyone rests on Monday. Well… not really, but most of us do anyway. Coz it’s a boring day. We also ride weekends, which normally starts a little later to squeeze out a little more sleep. Starts from Longhouse, of course. Check out the ride schedules.
*Previously Longhouse, currenly the same location is OCBC Bank. But LH5AM has a better ring than OCBC5AM don’t you think? 😉