Cameron Highlands Trip (3 days Riding) October 27-29th 2017


Story by Ming “Dynasty” Lee, dated November 1st 2017 (Benjamin J. Pereira, Eleonor Pabularcon Pereira, Bertram Lee, Jérôme Limozin, Mark Wentz, Sandeep Shyam Sunder, Josephine Teow, Marc Lorenzi) Having completed several cycling activities outside of Singapore in recent months I didn’t have the usual nervous energy the night before the Cameron Highlands trip. Thinking I […]

Audax East Java 2013

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Though I can’t decide what is a better headline — the one I used or “This Is as Close to Feeling Like a Pro Rider As You Can Get”, “Did I Die and Go to Cycling Heaven”, or “With BMW as a Main Sponsor You Know It’s Gonna Be Good” – what I can tell […]

Fraser Hill & Genting

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By the Queen’s order, I was to share my story…. and I am happy to do so. Thank you Joyce and the rest of the organizers for planning and executing a fantastic cycling trip.  It was truly a wonderful experience for me and I am sure for many riders as well. There were a lot of […]

Hari Raya Gathering

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We had 43 people for our first HARI RAYA gathering STARRING Lady G Gina and Mohd Nurfiegri on FIRE in their awesome Malay costume which help gives the Hari Raya feeling! We did a special opening prayer for Gina’s mother who is in hospital and hope situation will improve.  With that we acknowledged all the […]

Desaru Trip

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We had an amazing (is that the word I’m looking for?) ride to Desaru on Sunday. Rode down to Changi Point from Mt Sophia with James and Jerome, picking up Bertram along the way. It was great speeding through the centre of the city in the dark at 5.30 in the morning when no one […]