Joyriders Ride Attendance System

1. Register Your Attendance
Mobile # :
Passcode :
  2. Check Your Attendance Records
  3. See Who Rode Today
  4. View Current Year Attendance Points
  5. View Previous Year Attendance Points
  How does attendance registration work?

1. Attendance recording is SELF-SERVICE.
. Get the daily Passcode from the Attendance Chief at the Longhouse.
3. Key in your Mobile number and Passcode (upper/lower/mixed-case are all fine) in the form above.
4. Click "Submit".


a. Your Mobile number is your identifier. Update your membership record here if you have changed your mobile number.
b. Passcode changes every day and is only valid on that day.
c. No cheating! :-) Duplicate entries are automatically denied and cheaters will have their wheels impounded.